A M E N I T I E S  &  A C T I V I T I E S

Not interested in the water? Botona Dahican Beach Resort has 5 kiosks and 2 Japanese kiosks that can be rented out for ₱300.00 each for day use only with an entrance fee of ₱20.00 per person.  Each kiosk is equipped with a grilling area.

There are rubber tables with 5 seats that are available for ₱200.00. For day users, the resort offers 2 restrooms and 2 toilet and bathrooms, as well as an open shower outside. On the beach is a net that guests are free to use for when you're up for a friendly game. We'll even provide a volleyball! 

   *Prices quoted are current. These may change so please confirm once you make your reservations.

If you're looking for the perfect surfing spot, look no further than Dahican Beach. Famous for our huge waves and steep shores, Dahican is ideal for surfing, skimboarding, and even kayaking. Whether you're interested in swimming in the ocean or picnicking on the sand, you're guaranteed a perfect day.

Bring your own surf gear, but if you're looking to kayak, our rental is ₱300.00 per hour. Life vests are available for rent at ₱50 per person per day.